Friday, December 11, 2009

The Nancy Harts - Georgia's Female Civil War Soldiers

One of the most unique stories of the Civil War in Georgia is that of the famed Nancy Harts, LaGrange's all-female militia company.

Named for Nancy Hart, a Georgia heroine of the the American Revolution, the LaGrange company was formed in 1862 after many of the regular Confederate troops were pulled from the area. Concerned over the fate of their community and the safety of their families, the ladies of LaGrange organized into a volunteer company for the purpose of local defense. Electing Nancy Morgan as their captain, the soldiers began drilling twice weekly in a grove owned by Senator Benjamin Harvey Hill.

The women also served as nurses in the local military hospitals, which overflowed with wounded during the Atlanta Campaign. But in 1865, it appeared that they might actually face their baptism of fire. The column of Union Colonel O.H. LaGrange approached LaGrange (the city is not named for him) after taking Fort Tyler at nearby West Point. Learning that the Federals were approaching, the Nancy Harts formed ranks and marched out to meet him.

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