Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Georgia Sea Turtle Center - Jekyll Island, Georgia

Sea turtles, some of which grow to lengths of more than 6 feet, have long been fixtures of the Georgia coast.

Prehistoric Native Americans made use of these large turtles as food and early European settlers were also known to cook one up now and then as well. It was not until 20th century development and other impacts set in, however, that Georgia's population of sea turtles was threatened.

There are five different species of sea turtles in Georgia and all are now protected by both state and federal law. They are a unique and special part of not only the cultural, but the natural history of Georgia.

One of the most unique places to learn about and actually see them is the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island. Located in the beautiful Jekyll Island Historic District, the center offers an interpretive center featuring interactive exhibits about sea turtles, but even more importantly serves to rescue and rehabilitate injured or sick sea turtles from all along the coastal islands.

Guides take visitors on tours of the hospital area, where they can see the staff working to heal and help sometimes very large sea turtles. It is a unique experience and one that should definitely not be overlooked by visitors to the Georgia coast.

To learn more, please visit www.exploresouthernhistory.com/jekyllturtles.

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