Monday, June 21, 2010

Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge - Southernmost in the United States

Just outside of Blakely in Early County stands the Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge, the southernmost original covered bridge in the United States.

Built in 1891 at the old McDonald Ford over Coheelee Creek, the bridge is 96 feet long and was constructed at a cost of only $490.41. That was actually a substantial sum in that day and time, but it was the work of builder John William Baughman that really stood the test of time.

The classic old bridge, weathered and charming, no longer carries car traffic but still feels solid to the feet as you walk across it. Like many such structures, it does suffer from vandalism and is not as well-kept as it could be, but to see a covered bridge standing so far down in the Deep South is truly remarkable.

The Coheelee Creek bridge is even more unique because it spans one of the few waterfalls to be found this far down in Georgia. The rushing water of the creek tumbles over rocks create a small cascade or fall that can be heard as you approach the bridge.

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