Friday, August 20, 2010

Heritage Park - Columbus, Georgia

One of the most unique historical attractions in Georgia is actually a park and outdoor exhibit in the Chattahoochee River city of Columbus.

Heritage Park was jointly developed by the Historic Columbus Foundation and the City of Columbus to help visitors and residents learn more about the unique industrial history of the city in an outdoor setting in the heart of the Columbus Historic District.

In addition to providing green space that links the city's beautiful Riverwalk with its famed Heritage Corner area, the park features life-sized exhibits that explain the unique connection between Columbus and the Chattahoochee River. The city is located at the Falls of the Chattahoochee, a now-dammed stretch of rapids that provided power for early mills and eventually for manufacturing plants.

Exhibits in the park include a water feature recreating the flow of the Chattahoochee River through the city, factory settings were sculptures show employees at work in factory settings, a simulation of the paddlewheel riverboat, an original brick kiln and even a statue of the city's beloved Dr. John Pemberton, inventor of Coca-Cola(R).

Because of its unique features, falling waters and other exhibits, the park is popular with both children and adults. Its location in the center of a wide array of attractions and historic sites, along with its well-designed interpretive facilities, makes it an outstanding place to learn more about the heritage of Columbus.

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