Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Historic Old Capitol Building - Milledgeville, Georgia

Old Capitol Building in Milledgeville
Removed from the crowded streets of Atlanta by 100 miles and a century of time, the Gothic revival architecture of Georgia's Old Capitol Building in Milledgeville is as historic as it is beautiful.

Founded in 1803 and designed using a plan inspired by both Savannah and Washington, D.C., Milledgeville was a planned city intentionally located near what was then the geographic center of the expanding state. The community was only one year old when the Georgia Legislature voted on December 11, 1804, to designate Milledgeville as the permanent state capital of the state.

Old Capitol Building
In 1805 the legislature appropriated $60,000 for the construction of a magnificent new capitol building and work began that same year. The main part of the building was still not finished two years later when military troops escorted a train of wagons from the former capitol in Louisville to the new capitol. Milledgeville would remain the capital city of Georgia for the next 61 years.

The building was expanded in the 1820s and 1830s and given its fascinating Gothic revival design. It is the oldest public structure in the United States of the Gothic revival style and has survived despite several fires, its occupation by Union troops during Sherman's March to the Sea and the movement of the state government to Atlanta in 1868. Sherman's men even held a mock legislative session in the building, "repealing" the state's ordinance of secession and doing thousands of dollars in damage.

The Old Capitol Building is now a treasured landmark located on the campus of Georgia Military College. The ground floor is home to the Old Capital Museum and the beautiful park-like setting is open to the public daily. To read more of the history of this remarkable historic building, please visit

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