Monday, October 25, 2010

Rock Eagle Effigy - Eatonton, Georgia

One of the most remarkable places in Georgia is a hilltop just north of Eatonton, where some 2,000 years ago prehistoric Native Americans built the effigy of a gigantic bird..

Rock Eagle Effigy Mound is a magnificent stone effigy that measures more than 100 feet both from wingtip to wingtip and from the top of the head to the bottom of the feat. Its breast rises more than 8 feet above the surface of the dirt on the hilltop.

Now a park area adjoining the Rock Eagle 4-H Center, the effigy can be visited daily during normal business hours. There is no charge to see it, making it one of the most amazing free attractions anywhere in the country.

Despite years of research, very little is known of exactly when and why the prehistoric people of the area build the effigy. It is thought to date from around 100-300 A.D., although others hold that it is much older. It is also thought to hold ceremonial significance, an obvious conclusion, and archaeologists did find cremated human burials in it.  It seems to be paired in someway with the nearby Rock Hawk (also called the Little Rock Eagle effigy), which is located east of Eatonton. The two are the only known rock effigy mounds east of the Mississippi River.

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