Monday, December 13, 2010

Rose Hill Cemetery - Macon, Georgia

Rose Hill Cemetery
Rose Hill Cemetery, located on heights overlooking downtown Macon and the Ocmulgee River, is one of the most beautiful and historic burial places in Georgia. It is the final resting place for hundreds of Confederate soldiers, Civil War generals, early business and political leaders and two founding members of the famed Allman Brothers Band.

A noteworthy example of 19th century landscape architecture, Rose Hill Cemetery was originally conceived by Simri Rose, an early newspaper publisher and prominent citizen in Macon. Rose envisioned the cemetery as a park-like setting, rich in natural beauty, that would serve both as a burial ground and place for outdoor leisure.

Rose Hill Cemetery opened its gates in 1840 and quickly became known for its scenic beauty throughout the South. Even people with no connection at all to Macon began acquiring plots there and the size of the burial ground was rapidly expanded.

Although it has changed greatly from the original plan envisioned by Simri Rose, the cemetery remains very beautiful today. It is also a major Georgia historic site. To read more and see additional photos, please visit

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