Monday, January 20, 2014

Historical research reveals new proof of Georgia monster!

Domain of a River Monster?
A search of nautical articles from 19th century newspapers has revealed new proof of a sea monster or river monster that many say inhabits the area around Darien on the Georgia Coast!

The Altamaha-ha, as it is called by locals, is a giant creature often seen in the channels, creeks and old rice canals of the Altamaha River estuary near Darien. Claims of its existence burst onto the scene during the 1980s when fishermen reported seeing the monster. They described it as a 30-foot long creature with flippers like a seal.

Eyewitness stories of 20th century Altamaha-ha sightings are common, but a new research project has revealed that two sightings of the creature were documented in the 182s!

A sea captain named Delano reported that he saw a monster in 1826 and again in 1830 while sailing along the coast of Georgia in his schooner, the Eagle.

The first sighting was in Doboy Sound, which separates Sapelo Island from the mainland of Georgia and connects to the Altamaha River not far from Darien. The second sighting, in 1830, was off St. Simons Island just south of the mouth of the Altamaha.

The discovery of the new accounts, which are unveiled in an article at, reveal that people have been seeing something strange in and around the Altamaha River for nearly 200 years!

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